Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bluwr?

Bluwr is a company making a 100% text-based social publication platform, and a calm and thoughtful space for readers and writers.

Your models are beautiful, are you a fashion company?

No, this is just our merch store. We are a tech company and our main product is However we take design very seriously at Bluwr and this naturally applies to our merch too. We take special care to design the most beautiful and elegant items we can.

When will be available?

When it’s ready. Deadlines are arbitrary, overrated and do not jive very well with the inherent chaos of the universe. We work diligently without hard deadlines to ensure we make the best products we can. Bluwr will be released when we are satisfied with it. However we plan our first closed beta Q1 2022 and the first public beta for Q2/3 2022.

How can I be sure that Bluwr will be released?

You can’t. Certainty is something that is not even allowed to the gods. Certainty is the end of history, the death of this universe. Uncertainty is the sine qua non pre-condition to life.  Anything could happen. That being said, our team has a track record of bringing hard and challenging projects to the end, and we take great pride and joy in making Bluwr. Just look at our store.

How can I get the latest news and promotions?

You can follow us on Twitter & Instagram, we also run two mailing lists. The one on is for general news about Bluwr, the one on is for news specific to the store. Bluwr’s release will be announced on both. However, if you would like to receive all news & promotions you should register to both.

Why take inspiration from Moroccan Zellij designs?

We take good ideas wherever we can find them. Because our CEO is Moroccan, being aware of Moroccan Zellij designs was easy. The centuries old Moroccan Zelli patterns have a sense of harmony and elegance that fit perfectly with the ethos of Bluwr.

I love your designs, but why are the prices so high?

Taxes mainly (especially if you live in Europe) and then our suppliers' costs, inflation plus a multitude of tractable and intractable reasons. We have to comply with taxation laws and charge Value Added Taxes where applicable. VAT is a tax that is levied at every step of the manufacturing and distribution process and cascades down the chain to be paid in whole by the final customer. This can result in substantial increase in prices for the customers. The VAT value you see on your bill is only the last link of that chain, the rest of the VAT that was paid by our suppliers etc… is hidden in the “tax-free” price prior to adding the last VAT. VAT rates in Europe vary between 19% and 25%. To simplify accounting and make our products available to most people in Europe, we add a flat rate of 22% to account for the VAT. Meaning that sometimes we make a little more and sometimes we pay the remaining VAT out of our pocket. Inflation is another issue too complex to be addressed in a FAQ. In short it means that you cannot transfer value efficiently into the future using money. And a decrease in the value of money across time is the same thing as an increase in prices. 

Can I expect prices to drop?

The Bluwr Store is just our merch store. However, if there is enough interest in it, we are more than willing to devote resources to find ways to drive the costs down as much as we can. If you would like us to do that, please reach out via the contact form or through:

I own a physical store and love your designs, how can I offer them to my customers?

Reach out to us via the contact form or through: We would be very happy to work with you to better serve your customers.

How can I support Bluwr?

You can do so by buying anything on The Bluwr Store. If you would like most of your money to go to Bluwr and not necessarily want a physical object, you can make a donation by adding a donation card to your cart. Finally, you can also support us just by talking about Bluwr around you. We really appreciate any word-of-month support we can get.

Am being I tracked on The Bluwr Store?

Yes. Running an e-commerce platform forces us to have a level of tracking. However, we do not sell your data and we keep tracking to the minimum. You can read our privacy policy for more details.

What is your core value?

Honesty. That is how we run our company internally, and how we interact with our customers. It simplifies everything and allows us to make the best decisions at every step.

I love Bluwr, and would like to join the team, are you hiring?

Not at the moment. However we are always ready to consider internships for marketing and developer positions.