The Best is Yet To Come: Our Best Wishes For 2022

The Best is Yet To Come: Our Best Wishes For 2022

The Bluwr Store team (BST) wish you a happy new year!

In case you didn't know: is an in-development text-based platform, for readers and writers who would like to share their ideas freely to a wide audience.

Bluwr is a strange company, we like to take on difficult and weird challenges. The Bluwr Store is one of them. 

Our goal is to be the tech company with the most beautiful, elegant and original merch. That's it. Actually our goal is to make garments so attractive that you would like to have them even if you don't care about (sorry tech team). We want strangers to compliment you on your style, and we want you to make great friends as result. That's our "raison d'être".

That's why we took those elegant Moroccan Zellij Patterns off the walls where they've been hanging for hundreds of years, just so you can wear them and be your most stylish self. And we don't just copy-past them on your beautiful silhouette, that would not do. We adapt them to human bodies because we take fashion seriously.

We wish you a year full of happiness, joy and love. We will continue to make beautiful things for readers and writers all over the world. We have a lot of surprises for you in store and new collections coming!

We pursue beauty.

See you soon!