Bluwr store catalog for black friday and cyber monday 2021

Launching the Bluwr Store with unique Moroccan Zellij Designs

For this Black Friday we are Launching the Bluwr Store! The Bluwr store was an idea we had from the beginning and it is great to see it coming to fruition. Bluwr is a tech company like no other with great design at its core. This aspect extends to our merch: we only design clothes you will be proud to wear. will be 100% text-based social publication platform, aimed for writers and readers worldwide in search of a calm, thoughtful and addiction-less space to read, share and think. Our logo is a dandelion representing the free flow of ideas, it's no secret that its design is inspired form Moroccan Zellij mosaic art.

Bluwr logo horizontal

What is Zellij or Zellige

Zellij Mosaics are a traditional type of decorative tilework ubiquitious in Morocco and one of the main characteristics of traditional Moroccan architecture. The small colourful tiles are made from special clay found around the centuries old imperial cities of Fez and Meknes. They are then colored and hand chiseled before being arranged into complex and harmonious geometrical patterns. Each color and each geometrical pattern has it's own technical name. For example the seeds in the center of our logo are called "mchet" or combs.

moroccan zellij wall

Zellij art has been around for a very long time, and reached it's highest level of sophistication during the Marinid dynasty that reigned in Morocco from the mid-13th to the 15th century. Widespread in North Africa, Spain and Portugal it  adorned the walls of sultan and princes palaces, riads and public fountains.

moroccan zellij column

The Bluwr Store Philosophy

At Bluwr we are not afraid of making bold moves, we first bet that a 100% text-based platform would find a significant audience. Our next move is to start our line of clothing for our future writers and readers. We are taking the Moroccan Zellij art from the walls of riads and palaces into the new and uncharted territory of fashion. We mold these centuries old patterns to modern clothing to create exquisite high quality garments that are guaranteed catch the eye.

Bluwr blackout collection 2021 for black friday and cyber monday

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Special

We are also introducing the Blackout Collection. This collection of Black garments only features stark elegant designs that blend modernity with traditional decorative arts in a way never seen before. The harmony of Bluwr, with an edge to it. And to celebrate this Black Friday / Cyber Monday Launch we offer exclusive discounts on all items in the store, and created the exclusive Blackout Collection for the occasion.

Head out to the Bluwr Store to see all of it!